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Great Lakes Energy Restoration Efforts Gain Ground With Less Than 3,300 Outages Remaining

October 19, 2022

9:00 a.m.

Great Lakes Energy (GLE) line crews worked into the evening, through high winds, to return power to GLE members. Less than 3,300 members are still without power after restoring service back to more than 19,000 members since wind and tree damage began on Oct. 17. All available GLE line crews have been dispatched and are working to restore service.

Outages are reported across 12 counties throughout the Great Lakes Energy service territory. Areas most impacted with outages are Antrim and Charlevoix counties. Persistent winds have limited repairs to a slower pace. The need to cut and process fallen trees and poles across many small outages has also drawn the restoration process out considerably.

Great Lakes Energy members are reminded to stay away from downed power lines and to also stay clear of trees and limbs hanging on the lines. Members using generators should ensure they are connected properly and legally with a transfer switch so they do not back feed into the powerlines and cause harm to workers.

Current outage information by counties and zip codes is updated on the Great Lakes Energy website,, by visiting Storm Central.

Great Lakes Energy members can report their power outage online, on the Great Lakes Energy app, or by calling 888-485-2537.

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