Ready for your appliance rebate?

Every appliance comes with two price tags, the purchase price and the cost of operating the product. The Energy Wise program will help you save on the purchase price. ENERGY STAR appliances help you save money on operating costs by reducing energy use without sacrificing performance.

Follow these simple steps

Apply For Your Residential Appliance Rebates

GLE members who purchase eligible home appliances can apply for helpful incentives through our Energy Wise program. Products must be new and in working condition. Used or refurbished products are not eligible for incentives. ENERGY STAR products can be verified at

Confirm the details

  • You are a Great Lakes Energy residential electric member.
  • Items were installed or purchased between Jan. 1, 2024 and Dec. 31, 2024.
  • Review individual measures for eligibility requirements.

Gather copies of your receipts and invoices

  • Scan or photograph all receipts and/or invoices from product purchases.
  • Your receipt or invoice must clearly indicate the equipment type, make, model, price, and date of purchase or installation.

Submit Application

  • Complete the online application and attach copies of all receipts and/or invoices that clearly indicate equipment qualifications and the installation.
  • Rebate request must be submitted within 60 days of purchase and installation.
  • Incentive payment is limited to 75% of project cost.
  • For the full program Terms and Conditions, please refer to this page.


GLE will review your submission and, if more information is needed, you will be contacted. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Grant Application

For security verification, please enter any random two digit number. For example: 32