Equipment mangled by storm

Protect Your Home During Outages

The weather can be unpredictable and destructive. While we do our best to minimize power outages, often they are beyond our control. Power outages can lead to more than just your lights going out. An outage can force sensitive electronics to shutdown unexpectedly which can result in data loss or damage to electrical systems. When power returns, a surge can damage TVs, appliances, and even heating and AC systems. Power outages can be impossible to predict, so be sure to prepare your home with the following devices.

Before or during power outages

Uninterruptible power supplies – Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can protect against all power disturbances. These work by providing battery backup to critical electronics to protect them from sudden shutoffs.

Energy storage – Energy storage systems consist of batteries that provide backup during service interruptions. These can be used to power critical systems in your home. Energy storage systems can be paired with home solar power to become more energy independent.

Generators and transfer Switches – Generators provide energy during power interruptions. Both portable and standby generators should be used with a transfer switch to prevent unintentional energization of surrounding areas which could cause harm to utility workers or neighbors. Install CO detectors and keep your generator at least 20 feet from homes, doors, and windows.

Recovering from power outages

Surge Protective Devices – SPDs protect against voltage spikes that can cause damage to your electronics when full power is restored. Whole home surge protection is required in the 2020 National Electric Code.

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