Scam Alert

Beware of fake GLE phone number scam

Scam Alert

Recently, GLE staff members have received several phone calls that may be part of an ongoing scam involving fake GLE phone numbers found on the internet.

The scam appears to involve GLE members calling phone numbers they find through an online search, purporting to be the number for GLE. These numbers are fake and connect to scammers who will attempt to get information such as credit card or banking information, name, address, or Social Security numbers. It appears that the scammers may be using information gathered from calls to these fake numbers in an attempt to access members’ GLE accounts.

If you need to contact GLE by phone, you should ONLY use (888) 485-2537.

Additionally, GLE staff will NEVER call and ask you for information such as a Social Security number.

Remember, the Caller ID information that appears on your phone can be faked. So you should NOT assume a phone call you receive displaying our number is legitimate. If you get a phone call from anyone claiming to be Great Lakes Energy and are unsure of their legitimacy, hang up and call us at (888) 485-2537. If the caller provides you with a call-back phone number, DO NOT call that number. Often, these call-back numbers are fake. Always call the phone number listed on the company website or bill.

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