Safety Demonstrations

Great Lakes Energy offers its free safety demonstration program to bring important electrical safety information to its members and to service organizations in areas where GLE members live. The safety demonstration features an open trailer outfitted with actual equipment necessary to distribute electricity, such as poles, wires, transformers, meters, and other items. Presenters connect the trailer to an onsite power source and demonstrate the power of live electricity at 7,200 volts.


Schools and School Groups
Fourth through seventh grade classes in schools with students who are children of GLE members are eligible. School demonstrations show students the dangers of electricity by placing common items (i.e., a kite string, work glove, golf club, tree branches, etc.) on the trailer’s energized lines. Witnessing such items make contact with 7,200 volts dramatically drives home the message of safety. In addition, presenters cover what to do when encountering fallen power lines and other electrical safety hazards.

Local Fire Departments and Road Commissions in Areas Widely Served by GLE
Demonstrations for adults at fire departments and road commissions address the challenges volunteers and employees at these organizations face when they must deal with live electricity during emergency situations.  Preference is given to organizations that serve a large portion of GLE service area.

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The presentations are available on limited weekdays by appointment April through October, weather permitting. Demonstrations can be conducted outside, but a backup indoor location is preferred.

Learn more about the program by viewing our Video on YouTube.

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