Avoid the Big Green Box

Great Lakes Energy brings electric service to our members using both overhead and underground distribution and service lines. Although underground lines and ground-based transformers are more protected from weather damage, they can be more at risk from human activity, such as excavating. Below is a list of safety tips that will help protect you and …

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Safe Digging and Planting the Right Tree in the Right Place

When warmer weather arrives, many people’s thoughts turn to outdoor projects big and small. But careless digging poses a threat to underground utilities. Whether your plans involve excavating for a building or landscaping project, or you’re going to be planting a tree or garden, it’s always best to consult these safety tips before you break …

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Work Zone Safety

With the arrival of warmer weather months, so too, comes the appearance of more work zones along our community roads. Follow these important tips to ensure you are doing the most to ensure a safe work zone for GLE lineworkers and other work crews along the roadside. Together we can improve safety on both sides …

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