Monthly Surcharge Helps Low Income Families

Established by state law, a surcharge of 93 cents per meter per month will begin appearing on bills starting in September.

The surcharge funds the Low-Income Energy Assistance Fund established by the Michigan legislature as a long-term solution to assist low-income, at-risk residents with their utility bills. The intention is to provide funds to prevent disconnection of service and to help people become more energy self-sufficient. The program is funded by Michigan electric consumers through the surcharge. Funds are distributed by the state Department of Human Services to help qualifying residents during the heating season with energy bills.

Great Lakes Energy joins other electric utilities in Michigan that have the surcharge, which by law cannot exceed $1 per meter per month. GLE members who have more than one meter at the same residential location would still only pay one surcharge per month.

The surcharge will appear as MI Low Income Energy Fund on your bill.

Without the surcharge, the cooperative’s ability to collect payments on delinquent accounts during the heating season would be limited and qualifying low-income families within GLE’s service area may not be able to receive energy assistance funding. The surcharge gives GLE the ability to disconnect non-paying members year-round.

Visit our website or contact your local area representative or senator if you would like more information abut the Michigan Low-Income Energy Assistance Fund (LIEAF).