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Social Media Terms of Use

Thanks for liking GLE’s Facebook page!  While we appreciate your feedback, both positive and negative, please read and comply with these rules and terms for the GLE social media pages you access, which include Twitter and YouTube in addition to Facebook.

You also agree to comply with the terms of the social media sites:

Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

By using Facebook, you are accepting the policies and practices of Facebook’s “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities”. For more information about these policies, visit:

Twitter’s Terms of Service

By using Twitter, you are accepting the policies and practices of Twitter’s “Terms of Service.” For more information about these policies, visit:

YouTube’s Terms of Service

By using YouTube, you are accepting the policies and practices of YouTube’s “Terms of Service.”

Great Lakes Energy Social Media Pages Terms of Use

  1. All Sites are intended for the purpose of discussing Great Lakes Energy’s products, services and initiatives. All comments, links, images, videos and other type of material posted (“User Content”) are welcome, but must comply with these Terms of Use and the other Social Media policies and procedures listed above. You acknowledge and agree that your comments and any User Content do not necessarily reflect the opinions or ideas of Great Lakes Energy, its affiliates or its employees, (collectively “the Company”).  The Company reserves the right to monitor all User Content, and may remove User Content at any time for any reason. You should have no expectation that any User Content will remain private or confidential.
  2. Please do not report outages or seek info about outage restoration on GLE’s Facebook page.  Instead, report outages by calling us 24/7 toll-free at 800-678-0411. We are unable to provide individualized outage information through Facebook, as seeking such info interrupts the work of those trying to restore your power.
  3. Be nice and keep your posts respectful! Make any criticism constructive. Otherwise, we reserve the right to remove your post. We may also block from our page those who repeatedly post inappropriate content.
  4. Please do not share private information in your posts such as account number, address, phone number, etc. Call 888-485-2537 and a member service rep will be happy to help you, or email

GLE’s Facebook page is regularly monitored 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. Outside of those hours, you may not receive an immediate response. However, we will do our best to contact you or reply to comments or questions in a timely manner during regular hours.